Wireless AC600 Dual Band USB Adapter with Signal Plus


Wireless AC600 Dual Band USB Adapter with Signal Plus

-Super-Fast Wireless AC
-Simple Setup
-Highly Portable


Dual-Band 802.11ac Wireless Technology

• Dual-band technology offers extra reliability by reducing wireless interference • The latest Wireless AC technology with a high power antenna to help boost signal strength and deliver cutting-edge performance

Total Wireless Security

• Connect to wireless networks securely using the latest encryption methods • Supports WPA3 encryption for high-level wireless security • Use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to establish a secure connection with the press of a button

Compact and Portable

• Take the power of Wireless AC with you wherever you go • Instantly adds Wireless AC connectivity to any computer with a USB port • Slim size stays out of your way

The DWA-172 Wireless AC600 Dual Band USB Adapter with Signal Plus lets you experience faster wireless speeds than ever before by delivering powerful Wireless AC technology to your desktop or notebook computer. Simply plug the adapter into an available USB port and connect to a secure wireless network with an Internet connection, and right away you‘ll be browsing the web , chatting to your friends, streaming HD video or gaming online. With its integrated dual-band technology, over the 2.4 GHz (150 Mbps1 ) or 5 GHz (up to 433 Mbps1)bands, you’ll have reduced Wi-Fi interference to maximize through put or faster streaming, gaming, and VoIP calls.

What is Wireless AC?

802.11ac is a new networking standard that produces high-throughput wireless speed on the 5 GHz band. This means that you can enjoy clear, smooth streaming HD video from your favorite websites and services, lag-free online gaming, and clear audio and video calls over the Internet.Wireless AC gives you the smooth, lightning-fast performance you need to get the most out of your Internet connection.

Compatible With All Your Wireless Products

While the DWA-172 Wireless AC600 Dual Band USB Adapter with Signal Plus delivers cutting edge 802.11ac speed to your home network, it’s also backward compatible with all of your current wireless products. Tired of buying a new device only to find that you need to upgrade everything else? Just connect the DWA-172 to your existing hardware, connect to the Internet, and start browsing; saving you both time and money.

Portable Design

Whether you’re at home using a desktop computer or out and about with a notebook, the DWA-172 Wireless AC600 Dual Band USB Adapter with Signal Plus’s sleek design is perfect for mobility and convenience, so that you can take advantage of Wireless AC’s super-fast speed wherever you are.

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