AC750 ADSL2+ Dual Band Wireless Modem Router


AC750 ADSL2+ Dual Band Wireless Modem Router

Latest Wireless AC Technology
Enjoy combined wireless speeds of up to 750 Mbps and increased range thanks to the latest 802.11ac wireless technology
Dual-Band Wi-Fi for Seamless Performance
Access your network via two concurrent wireless bands for seamless performance no matter what you are doing
Intuitive Setup Wizard
The setup wizard allows you to directly connect to the router and follow the on-screen instructions, making installation hassle free



Triple WAN (ADSL, Ethernet WAN, 3G/4G LTE)

One device meet all your internet needs, DSL-2877AL is equipped with ADSL Modem, dedicated Gigabit WAN port and USB port for 3G/4G dongle connection. DSL-2877AL will certainly meet your needs, regardless of what broadband you are using now or upgrade in the future.


WAN Failover

Automatically switch to the secondary WAN connection available when the primary WAN is disconnected. This help to prevent disruption to your Internet enjoyment.

Wireless AC750

Supports latest Wireless AC technology, with up to 300Mbps* on 11n and up to 433Mbps* on 11ac. Concurrent dual-band wireless allows web surfing on the 2.4GHz band, while simultaneously streaming digital media on the 5GHz band.


AutoZoning for Entire HOME Coverage

Router paired with Wireless Extender have some limitation, consumer need to switch to stronger signal manually. D-Link provide a Breakthrough with AutoZoning solution:

Working together with DMG-112A, Auto-Zoning technology enables the devices to communicate with each other, enhancing one’s home Wi-Fi network, byy allowing automatic and seamless transitions across different networking devices on the same Wi-Fi network (i.e. the repeater DMG-112A and the main router DSL-2877AL) providing fuss-free experience to user.


One-Touch mobile app Setup

Easy Router Setup via Free One-Touch mobile app (android/iOS)

  • – Fast and easy to setup your router by mobile device
  • – Download from App Store or Google Play to setup
  • – Support Wireless setting, device password and Upgrade


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