HomePlug AV2 (MIMO with Beamforming) 

MIMO support transmission on 2 pairs formed by Line, Neutral or Ground wires for significant peak data rates and performance. Together with Beamforming, it ensures maximum performance on per stream so that you can enjoy greater speed and Ultra HD content within your household.

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)

Higher Data Transfer

Advanced Multimedia Streaming 

High speed data transfer rates of up to 1900 Mbps for streaming media, high-speed Internet, online gaming, VoIP calls, and HD video.

Easy setup 

Simply plug and play. No need to configure or to remember passwords. A simple push of a button will get your network secured in minutes.

Extend your wired network

Extend your Powerline network by adding up to 16 adapters in total. Backward compatible with PowerLine AV, AV500.

Power saving mode comes in handy

Power Saving mode reduces power consumption up to 85% when compared with existing PowerLine Adapters.




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