5MP Fisheye Network Camera


5MP Fisheye Network Camera

– 1/2.5” Progressive Scan CMOS


-Triple Streams Low bitrate ,Excellent low light performance


-Smart IR Up to 15m

D-Link DCS-F4515 fisheye camera is an expert at panoramic surveillance with high-profile design. With a fisheye lens, the camera can provide a high quality 180°or 360°panoramic views without blind spots, making it ideal for wide and open areas, such as airports, shopping malls, banks, hotels, stores, offices and more. The camera can offer different views including 360°overview and de-warp views such as panorama view, double views and quad views.


Panoramic cameras provide 180 °, 360 °full range of video scene, and also provide some de-warp mode to bringing people a new sense of real live and interactive experience.

Intelligent Video System (IVS)

With built-in intelligent video analytics, the camera has the ability to detect and analyze moving objects for improved video surveillance. The camera provides optional standard intelligence at the edge allowing detection of Perimeter, Single Virtual Fences, Double Virtual Fences, Loiter, Multi Loiter, Object Left, Object Removed, Abnormal Speed, Converse, Illegal Parking, Signal Bad.


With a temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F), the camera is designed for extreme temperature environments. For environments indoor applications.

Smart Encode(H.265+)

Deliver high quality video without straining the network, Smart Encode H.265+ is the optimized implementation of H.265. The Smart H.265+ encoding technology includes a scene adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, flexible multi-frame reference structure and intelligent noise reduction, providing saving of up to 70% of bandwidth and storage when compared with standard H.265.

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