Managed 24-Ports 10/100BASE-T Stackable Layer 3 Switch


D-Link’s DES-3326SR is a high-performance, managed, stackable Layer 3 Switch that provides an ideal solution for workgroups and departments. The DES-3326SR has (24) 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports with support for optional GBIC modules for fast connection speeds and flexibility. The DES-3326SR supports stacking of up to 8 units per stack. A single stack of DES-3326SR can support up to (192) 10/100Mbps ports with an additional 8 open GBIC slots available for trunking. The entire stack can be managed via a single IP address for simplified network administration.


High-Performance, High Availability L3 Switching


Utilizing an 8.8Gbps switch fabric and support for 8,000 MAC addresses, the DES-3326SR is a wire-speed, high performance switch, ideal for workgroups or departments. The DES-3326SR supports port trunking with up to 8 trunk groups per stack. Port trunking enables business users to increase availability and aggregated bandwidth between servers and/or other switches, optimizing the transport of all of your business critical data. The DES-3326SR utilizes an integrated 1Gbps stacking mechanism for interconnecting units within a stack and open GBIC slot for support for wide range of GBIC modules.


Investment Protection


By widely supporting IEEE approved specifications, the DES-3326SR leverages your existing investment in a multi-vendor environment, while maximizing compatibility of mission critical features like, spanning tree (802.1d), QoS (802.1p/DiffServ), VLANs(802.1ac/802.1q) and network management(SNMP/RMON/BOOTP/Telnet/Web).

D-Link’s DES-3326SR robust support of standards based network management protocols (SNMP/RMON/BOOTP/Telnet/Web) and port mirroring enables the DES-3326SR to be easily integrated into many third-party network management packages.


Advanced Enterprise Features


The DES-3326SR brings advanced enterprise functions to a more affordable level while supporting advanced features: 802.1p (Qos), DiffServ (QoS), 802.1x (Port Based Authentication), IGMP, 802.3ad (Link Aggregation), and 802.1q (VLANs). Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be configured based on: Port, TOS field, DiffServ Field, MAC Address, IP Address, and/or TCP/UPD Port Number. These features facilitate the deployment of applications across an enterprise such as: VOIP, streaming media, and multicast content delivery (IP video conferencing and software deployment).

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